Painting the rocks is only half the process! Once you’re down with that part, it’s time to move on to sharing your creation with the rest of the world. Below are some tips on where to start hiding your painted rocks, and the benefits of each location. 

Be sure to download the Painted Rocks App, create a tracking code, and log where you leave your creations, so you can track them on their travels!

Best Places for Hiding Painted Rocks:

Parks & Playgrounds

Parks and playgrounds are no-brainers when it comes to hiding painted rocks. Remember, rocks that are hidden aren’t just for younger audiences to enjoy! Parents and guardians visiting the playgrounds might also enjoy finding a special hidden message.

Downtown Communities

Downtowns that are usually walked on foot can be a great place to hide painted rocks. Common places are on windowsills, in small planters on the sidewalks, and at the base of stoplights and telephone poles. If this is your local community, it can be awesome to see who is creating and hiding near you!

Hiking Trails

Hiking trails, especially those that are easier for younger hikers to access, are some of the best places to hide painted rocks! Hikes are meant for exploring the nature around you, so finding a hidden gem like a painted rock might just make someone’s day.

Keep in mind that most state and national parks have “Leave No Trace” policies, which means that you should not drop painted rocks to these locations, or take rocks to be painted from these locations! 


Outside of libraries can be a great place to hide painted rocks, especially since these locations are usually highly trafficked centers of communities. Be careful not to bring rocks inside if it’s not allowed, but consider asking the local librarians if some special rocks can be hidden throughout the bookshelves!

Public transportation areas

If you want your painted rocks to take far travels, consider hiding them in public transit locations, like bus stops or train stations! Those traveling through might pick up your rock and bring it somewhere you never expected. 

Painted Rocks Gardens

Painted rock gardens can be identified as one spot, usually in an actual garden or outside of a local community spot, where there is a large abundance of painted rocks to enjoy. These are not only the best place to hide, but also can be the best place to pick out your next favorite find!