How It Works

Our one-of-a-kind Painted Rocks App aims to bring communities together in a mission of spreading kindness and inspiring others.

Using our Rock Locator Map you can find those gems of inspiration hidden in parks, hiking trails, rest stops, playgrounds, and other places in your community. Painted rocks are identified with special tracking pins. Tap on a pin to see an image of the rock and learn about its creator and its history. 

You can also use the Rock Locator Map to find Painted Rock Gardens where rock creators have hidden dozens, sometimes even hundreds of painted rocks for others to find or exchange. 

If you’re a rock painter, our Painted Rocks App will help you track your rock and follow its journey as it brings joy and comfort to all those who find it.

For Rock Painters

Painted Rocks App allows you to share your artwork with the world. Simply upload a photo and a name for your rock before hiding it. Attaching a tracking code to your rock will allow you to follow it on its journey around the world.

For Rock Hiders

Once you’ve uploaded your rock to Painted Rocks App, give it a “mission” or goal so others know what to do with it!

Then, drop a pin on a map where your painted rocks are located so others can find them.

For Rock Finders

With Painted Rocks App, you’ll be able to locate painted rocks near you with our Rock Locator Map. Within the details page for each rock, you’ll be able to see its timeline, history of where that rock has traveled, who created it, and when!

hand holding phone featuring painted rocks app rock locator