With the weather getting warmer, and spring just around the corner, we’re getting ready to start painting our spring-themed painted rocks! Spring reminds of color, warmth, and a new start, after spending more time inside through a long winter. 

Painting rocks is a fun and easy way to express your creativity, and it’s a great way to spread joy and positivity to others. Here are some ideas for spring rocks to paint:


There’s a reason why people say that spring is in full bloom! Flowers are some of the easiest things to paint on rocks, because they can really be any size, shape and color! You can paint individual flowers, or create a whole garden scene on a larger rock. 

If you choose to make a bunch of individual flowers on separate painted rocks, you can create a garden and group them together using the Painted Rocks App garden feature! 


Butterflies are another iconic symbol of spring, and they make for beautiful rock paintings. You can paint realistic butterflies, or create your own whimsical designs. They can also be customized to be any shape or color of your choice!


Ladybugs are a great thing to paint if you’re looking to kick start some inspiration. The best thing about painting ladybugs is that they can really follow the shape of your rock, with a few added details on top! 


Spring often brings rain showers, with rainbows to follow! You can add an inspirational quote to enhance your bright design, or even paint multiple rocks that each represent a color of the rainbow for some extra fun!


Easter is a popular spring holiday, and bunnies are a classic symbol of the season. You can paint cute and cuddly bunnies, or even create a more realistic one if you’re up for the challenge! 

Utilize the Painted Rocks App

Once you’ve painted your rocks, upload them to the Painted Rocks App and then scatter them around your community for others to find. From there, you’ll be able to track their journey and their travels as you spread happiness among your community!

Don’t forget to follow Painted Rocks App on Pinterest for more ideas! Happy painting!