Sometimes just getting started on your next painted rock can seem like a daunting task. We’ve compiled some of our favorite resources to help you get started on your next project!


If you’re a visual learner, or want a fun way to relax while watching others create art, try searching for keywords like #paintedrocks or #kindnessrocks on TikTok or checking out these artists:

Painted Rocks Blogs and Websites

There are tons of blogs and websites with seasonal ideas, step-by-step guides, and visuals for sparking creativity. Here are a few to get you started:

General Resources

  • Local Facebook Pages

There are hundreds of Facebook groups dedicated to Painted Rocks, which can be found dedicated to your own specific area or region. To find your local Painted Rocks Facebook community, check out our blog to see which ones are active near you!

  • Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent resource for cultivating ideas for your next project. You can search for images on inspiration, or even search for painted rocks that people have already completed. Pinterest is also a great resource for finding inspirational quotes of kindness!

painted rocks search on pinterest board showing multiple search results for painted rocks ideas
  • Youtube

There are tons of Youtube videos with ideas, tips, techniques, and more for painting rocks and just painting in general! We love using YouTube to teach ourselves helpful tips and tricks, especially to keep our painted rocks looking fresh! Some of our favorites are linked here on our blog.